The Sicangco and Sicangco Law Offices is a full service law firm offering an entire spectrum of legal services reflective of the diversity of its local and international clients ranging from oil, petroleum, power, chemicals, business process outsourcing, banking, manufacturing, trade, beverage, food, construction, agriculture, transportation, major private corporations to financial institutions, computer and advance electronic technology, mining, construction, real estate, educational institutions, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and individual clients.

Our Firm is committed to the pursuit of rendering personalized and exceptional legal services responsive to the needs of its clients. We are committed to the success of our clients, we take responsibility for contributing to that success and we develop business solutions that add value. Out of this principle grew our focus on client service and our appreciation of the importance of building and maintaining a rewarding and beneficial long-term attorney-client relationship.

We acknowledge the importance of these relationships with our clients. We pursue to develop and retain these relationships by providing timely, responsive, professional and personalized service to our clients. We are committed to provide such service only with the highest ethical and professional standards and in the most cost-effective manner always taking into consideration client expectations.

Legal professionalism is at the forefront of the Firm’s philosophy. Taking into heart such considerations as giving the client the best legal advice, guidance and option, representing the client in as wide a spectrum as possible while taking into account any conflict of interests that may arise, and under any and all circumstance always keeping in mind the primordial responsibility towards the sanctity of attorney client privilege.

We have skilled, competent and experienced professionals who possess the ability to handle fundamental issues to the highly complex legal matters. All counsels assigned as a team take extra effort to familiarize themselves with the particular background, special needs, concerns and peculiarity of each client being handled. Depending on the nature of the case and attendant personal preferences of the client, the Firm composes a team of lawyers that would best understand the legal requirements of each client.

We continue to search for creative ways to provide exceptional legal service to our clients. This is evidenced by integrating time proven tradition with modern technology in practice for expeditious and efficient delivery of services. Following this principle, we continue to devote time in training and resource advancement to complement and enhance our talents in accordance with the demands of the legal profession.

Our major practice areas are Corporate and Commercial Services, Litigation and Arbitration, Employment and Labor Relations, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Estate Planning and Trusts, Real Property Transactions, Taxation, Family and Civil Law, Government Contracts, Information and Communications Technology, Infrastructure and Development Project, Mining and Natural Resources.